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Our High School Board is Failing!

As local parents, we want the best education for our children.

While our community has tremendous teachers at our high local schools, it’s clear the El Dorado Union High School District (EDUHSD) Board and their district administrators are failing our students.

Over the past 18 months, our district has been shaken by scandal and controversy.

Last summer, a Grand Jury investigation detailed disturbing violations of the Brown Act by the EDUHSD board.

Then Union Mine had a drug scandal with two students hospitalized.

Ponderosa had reports of child pornography and a student/coach relationship scandal erupted.

At Oak Ridge, a popular principal was controversially released and is now suing the district. Another coaching scandal occurred there and a student taunting incident with racial undertones made national headlines.

One or two of these incidents would be understandable.

But the ongoing litany shows a disturbing pattern of failed district leadership.

The two incumbents running for re-election, David Del Rio and Lori Veerkamp, should be swiftly sent into retirement.

Deloy Link and David Bicknell, the two local candidates who have stepped up in opposition, have our enthusiastic support!

The status quo is simply unacceptable.

So join us in supporting new leadership and give our kids and community the district leadership we all deserve.

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Parent & Community Voices

  • “The continued missteps, particularly with the Paul Burke situation should be a forcing factor for the board to take a good, hard look at those they have in leadership at the district.”
    - Michele M. (Current Oak Ridge Parent)

  • “As an El Dorado County tax payer I no longer trust my dollars are being spent wisely and I call into question our elected officials.”
    - Bill Knox (Retired community member)

  • "Given the lack of communication and leadership presence by the Superintendent and his staff over a protracted length of time, I strongly support a call to action to evaluate our district officials."
    - Jay Washburn (Future Ponderosa Parent)

  • “Our students are working hard and have great teachers. But instead of supporting the students and helping them succeed, our high school district administrators are making things harder for them. This is not how it’s should work so thank you for starting this effort!”
    - Rick and Debra V (Future Oak Ridge Parent)

  • “The continued missteps, particularly with the Paul Burke situation should be a forcing factor for the board to take a good, hard look at those they have in leadership at the district.”
    - Michele Miesner (Current Oak Ridge Parent)

  • “The EDUHSD has found itself under scrutiny because of some glaring leadership issues. I support the effort to investigate at a deeper level the vision and goals of this organization.”
    - Dan Walsh (Future Oak Ridge parent)

  • “It’s time for action! The school district board members, especially the superintendent, need to step down and allow some competent members to step in and do what is expected of them: lead with direction!”
    - Carol Knox (Current Oak Ridge grandparent)

  • “If you think about the big picture, these blemishes on our schools are affecting the perception of our community and ultimately creating a decline in our home values. Something needs to be done and quickly.”
    - Alison Buchanon (Future Oak Ridge Parent)

  • “Do not let our voices and our actions fall on deaf ears. We want Mr. Burke to return to Oak Ridge as the Principal, as the leader and visionary he was hired to be.”
    - Vicki Crozier (Current Oak Ridge Parent)

  • “One of the top reasons people buy homes in this area is because of the education provided by our local schools. My concern is that will no longer be the case without effective district change.”
    - Kim Ross (Realtor/Community Member)

  • “How can a school district operate without accountability or integrity? What message does that send to our kids?”
    - Mike and Jennifer Gygax (Future Oak Ridge Parent)

  • “As a parent of an Oak Ridge student I take both the lack of communication to parents and the lack of urgency in resolving the situation as a respect issue for my students' limited time at the school. We’re now looking at half of a school year without a principal in place. How can that be allowed?”
    - Tonita Otero (Current Oak Ridge Parent)

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