Our High School District In Crisis

Where is the LEADERSHIP?

The El Dorado Union High School District board and administrators lack the strong, decisive leadership essential for our schools and students to realize their full potential. On the news page you see a litany of events that have taken place across district high schools. While we all know schools of this size will have occasional issues, the sheer volume and types of continuing controversies point to a clear pattern of failed leadership.

Fact: Of the four major high schools in the district, three have been beset with several newsworthy scandals and controversies within the last 15 months.


The EDUHSD Board has failed the accountability test to students and our community. After six major scandals across the district resulting in numerous protests and calls for greater community engagement, parents continue to be ignored. Now three lawsuits face the district because of administrative leadership failures and how does the board respond? With demands for improvement from their top administrator or consider new leadership? No, they awarded the Superintendent a UNSCHEDULED, RETROACTIVE pay increase just months ago.

Fact: After one of the most controversial periods in the district’s history, instead of demanding improvement, the board gave their top administrator an unscheduled, retroactive pay increase just months ago.

Where is the TRANSPARENCY?

The EDUHSD administration continually fails to provide any transparency or proactive community engagement surrounding the many scandals and controversies that have beset the district. The lack of information and absence of factual public statements about why these problems occurred and how the leadership intends to address them allows the dark clouds of controversy to hang over the district.

Fact: The El Dorado Union High School District’s own website and social media platforms plainly show their denial or inability to proactively address any controversy. No statements informing the community on how the district is addressing ongoing scandals can be found.